Bobcat has just launched a Stage V version of the 6 tonne E57W wheeled excavator. The new machine is powered by a D24 engine, generating 42.5kW at 2400RPM, with Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter after-treatment technology ensuring minimal emissions.

In spite of its size, the 6312kg E57W offers compact dimensions, enhanced operator comforts, smooth controllability and exceptional transportability. The maximum 202Nm of torque  is available at 1600RPM, which is 200RPM lower than the previous Stage IIIB model. Other improvements include an engine auto-shut-off feature and auto-idle, to save fuel and further maximise fuel efficiency.

A spacious pressurised cab boasts low noise, at 74 dBA, and low vibration levels. All-round visibility is boosted by an effective demisting system, boom LED lights and large side mirrors. An adjustable heated air suspension seat and air conditioning with climate control are fitted as standard 

The E57W is intuitive and efficient to operate, aided by a 7-inch touchscreen display and ergonomically placed controls. Sensitive low-effort joysticks enable smooth and safe machine operation, while proportional auxiliary flow ensures precise control when using different attachments.