Bobcat has launched the first four models in a new range of mowers for the European market, all as part of the Ground Maintenance Equipment (GME) portfolio introduced at the end of 2022. 

The models being introduced include the ZT3000 and ZT3500 professional ride-on zero-turn mowers, and the ZS4000 stand-on and WB700 walk-behind models. The new mowers complement the existing range of Ryan Turf Equipment, compact tractors and small articulated loaders that make up the GME range from Bobcat.

Bobcat mowers combine intuitive controls with exceptional cutting performance. They come in various configurations, providing a range of cutting decks and mulching and collection systems. Special focus has been paid to their durable construction and easy maintenance ensuring they deliver perfect results for a wide range of mowing applications.

The ZT3000 is driven by a choice of Kawasaki FT series engines, from 20-24 HP and featuring Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transaxles. The zero-turn machine can travel at speeds up to 12.8km/h and it can be equipped with 122 cm, 132 cm or 155 cm TufDeck Pro cutting systems with professional-grade components for maximum durability and high-quality results. The machine is also available with a mulching kit.

The ZT3500 zero-turn mower is ready to take on the toughest areas of lawn, being equipped with a 24 HP Kawasaki FT series engine and Hydro-Gear transaxles,  and travelling at up to 16 km/h. Combined with a comfortable, mechanically suspended seat and with a ROPS structure fitted as standard, two fuel tanks and the durable TufDeck Pro cutting system make this a great partner for ground maintenance professionals. The machine can also be equipped with a mulching and collecting kit.

The ZS4000 stand-on zero-turn mower provides optimal performance in highly landscaped areas, where the operator needs to hop on and off from the mower more often. Its compact size also enables more units to fit on a trailer. Available with a choice of 20 or 24 HP Kawasaki FT series engines, the ZS4000 provides the torque required for long hours of operation and enables a maximum speed of 16.8 km/h. It can be equipped with 122cm, 132cm or 155cm AirFX decks, with Air-Gap baffles for better airflow and bolt-on steel spindles for high durability. 

Lastly, the WB700 mower (pictured) is equipped with a powerful hydraulic drive that minimises operator fatigue. The walk-behind machine provides greater precision for mowing around obstacles in high density areas and building complexes. It is powered by a choice of either 15 or 18.5HP Kawasaki FS series engines, enabling ground speeds of up to 10.5km/h. The WB700 can be equipped with 122cm or 132cm TufDeck cutting systems , and it can also be equipped with a mulching kit.