Bobcat has teamed up with the Amman group to launch a new range of light compaction equipment, all released under its much vaunted 'Next is Now' banner.

The new machines include technologies designed to boost performance, while enhancing comfort, safety and simplicity of use. The range itself covers seven distinct product lines, including vibratory rammers, vibratory forward plates, reversible vibratory plates, hydrostatic plates, walk-behind rollers, trench rollers and tandem rollers.

The entire range includes 37 models, as follows: 

Vibratory Rammers
Six models - R30, R60, R68, R60P, R68P and R70D, from 29 to 89 kg. All come with a reduced vibration handle and a CAD calculated weight distribution, ensuring maximum safety and operator comfort, and an integrated height adjustment system.

Vibratory Forward Plates
Six models - FP10.33, FP12.40, FP15.40, FP15.50, FP20.50 and FP20.50D, ranging from 54 to 115 kg. The design of the handles protects the operator from unwanted vibration, while the machine frame enables a secure grip and easy machine control.

Reversible Vibratory Plates
12 models - RP22.40, RP22.40D, RP25.40D, RP25.50D, RP30.50, RP30.50D, RP30.60, RP30.60D, RP40.60, RP40.60D, RP49.20D and RP59.20D. All have a twin-shaft system, enabling change of direction during compaction. The twin-shaft technology also results in dual weight and a better compaction force. Hydrostatic steering guarantees ease of operation and a quick change in compaction direction.

Hydrostatic Plates
Four models - HP50.75, HP55.75, HP60.85 and HP65.85, ranging from 450 to 582kg. The line-up relies on a hydraulic system that does not require a V-belt. They operate with a dual (HP50.75 and HP60.85) or unique triple shaft (HP55.75 and HP65.85) excitation system for maximum compaction output.

Walk Behind Rollers
Bobcat offers the WR65 model in two versions, offering a choice between Hatz or Yanmar engines. Both are equipped with dual drums for maximum compaction, and an integrated water sprinkler system as standard. The machines also include dual amplitude settings, enabling a change between soil/gravel and asphalt/bituminous compaction tasks. 

Trench Rollers
The range includes the 1340 kg TR75 (articulated) and 1305 kg TR85S (skid-steered) models. They also cover a wide range of other applications such as pipeline construction, electric and other cable installations.

Tandem Rollers
This range currently includes the ATR23 and ATR26, weighing 2.3 and 2.6 tonnes. A further three models starting at 1.2 tonne will be rolled out in summer of 2021.