Bobcat is offering an expanded choice of hire purchase financing for new Bobcat loaders, mini-excavators and telehandlers.

Customers in the hunt for new Bobcat machinery now have a selection of four tempting plans, as follows:

Seasonal Payments Plan - Customers pay a 10% downpayment, followed by an agreed schedule dictated by the seasonal nature of their businesses of further payments over a 36 month period - all based on a 0% interest rate.

Buy Now, Pay Later - This plan provides up to 180 days deferral on the first payment, allowing customers to generate profits from their new machines before they complete their first instalment payment. There is no downpayment and a 0.45% interest rate.

50% Half Price Rentals - Customers pay a 10% downpayment, but then only need to pay half of the regular monthly hire purchase payments for the first 12 months of the plan.

0% Over 3 Years - As the tirle suggests, payments are spread over 36 months, although with a 10% downpayment. As with all plans, the customer will own the equipment following the final payment.

All details and applications for the finance schemes are available via authorised Bobcat dealers in the UK.