WernerCo has designed a new BoSS Camlock Advanced Guard Rails frame, to be used with the company's AGR towers.

What could possibly be new about such a necessary but mundane item, you reasonably enquire? Well, the new AGR frame is entirely foldable - meaning it can be easily stored and transported with ease and convenience.  Manufactured in high quality aluminium, the AGR frame is a hard-wearing solution suitable for use in a variety of applications.

“Launching a new AGR frame is an important step forward for BoSS and further bolsters the enviable safety credentials of our complete working at height offering," said Carolina Marino, UK product manager for BoSS. “Indeed, safety is always the top priority when working from height and our AGR towers, certified to EN 1004: 2020, are built with safety at the fore.

“Ease of use is also a must for professional users that are using AGRs from day-to-day, that’s why we are happy to announce that this newly designed frame offers easier transportation and storage between jobs than ever before.”

The new AGR frame is compatible with the BoSS Ladderspan tower system, featuring integral ladders which provide safe access when climbing and descending. The AGR frames have also been updated to the BoSS Staircase and BoSS Clima range of towers and are fully certified to the latest EN 1004:2020 safety standard for towers.