BOSS ORV has been appointed as the sole UK and Ireland distributor for all Air-Rops products. Air-Rops offers a range of rollover solutions for the outdoor power equipment industry.

Rollover protection systems on ATVs are not commonplace, but  BOSS believes that they offer additional protection for the operator. Air-Rops has the advantage over traditional ROPs of not raising the centre of gravity of the machine, since it sits lower than the operator when not deployed - as pictured above, and fully extended below.

The first Air-Rops product BOSS ORV has introduced is the AR Quad safety bar for ATVs and agricultural machinery.

The AR Quad system is based on state-of-the-art automotive components, including safety electronics and reliable airbag gas inflators. An electronic control unit continuously monitors the behaviour of the quad and warns the rider with acoustic and visual signals when the vehicle is about to become unstable. The system automatically evaluates the rollover condition until a tilting state is reached and, only when the tilt takes place, activates the rollover bar. The electronic control unit then operates the inflator, and the gas is fully released, extending the bar and the mechanism locks. The system only operates if the rider cannot avoid the full tilt, while the final position of the ROPS after deployment is limited to a maximum 90°, which not only helps minimise personal injury it also reduces damage to the quad.

The universal AR Quad design fits most ATVs with independent suspension using bolts on the luggage carrier and towbar. Installation is easy as the system comes fully assembled and only requires the ATV dealer to perform simple electrical and mechanical actions. It requires no scheduled maintenance and is reusable after a rollover. It just needs inspection and approval by an ATV technician, and the gas generator can be replaced to return the bar to its original condition. The system is SGS Certified and CE marked, adhering to the strictest environmental and regulatory standards.

Air-Rops will only be available through approved dealers and regional distributors and will not be available by mail order or online. This is to ensure that every unit is correctly installed and able to be monitored by the supplying dealer.