Advanté has unveiled a new eco focused unisex toilet block - the Oasis 'SolarGo'. This site welfare solution aims to set a new standard in the provision of high-quality instant start toilet facilities, with a clear focus on the construction industry.

The new block comprises three cubicles, featuring two individual toilets and a separate urinal, all housed inside an 8ft by 9ft unit. Each cubicle has a full forearm wash basin, with temperature-controlled water and water-saving non-concussive taps. The SolarGo toilet has the smallest footprint of the whole Oasis Welfare range, but still delivers facilities for up to 30 people.

Oasis SolarGo Toilets are designed to meet the demands of contemporary construction sites, offering  silent, generator-free and completely self-contained toilet facilities. Oasis SolarGo Toilets also contribute to carbon savings, with an electrical system that is 100% powered by renewable energy - solar panels fitted to the roof harness energy from daylight all year round. Surplus energy storage means that power is available when needed. Minimal LPG is used to heat the boiler, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

“The Oasis SolarGo toilet block represents a giant leap forward in sustainable site welfare. By removing the generator, we created a robust renewable electrical power system that harnesses solar energy to create a silent, low-emission, and cost-effective facility. It’s not just a toilet unit; it’s a statement of our commitment to reducing emissions for our clients and noise to promote a healthier work environment.” said Advanté Research & Development Manager, Tony Rose.