AMPS - the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Power Generating Systems - has just held its annual 'Awards for Excellence', which took place at the Motorcycle Museum in Solihull. The event, marked by a display of commitment to sustainability and business growth, recognised the contributions of its participants towards a greener future.

In his address, AMPS Director General, David Oates, expressed his gratitude and reflections on the event: "Thank you all for joining us at this splendid occasion. It was truly a magnificent night, filled with the spirit of innovation and excellence," he said.

"Our thanks go to all the participants for their hard work and determination. The judges and our wonderful sponsors deserve special mention for their expertise, time, and support in making these awards a reality. Congratulations to all the winners and those shortlisted for showing what it truly means to be at the forefront of the country’s path towards a Sustainable future."

Speaking of which, this year's awards went to:

Apprentice of the Year: Hannah Magowan from Dale Power Solutions. Her journey includes academic excellence, advocacy for Women in Engineering and significant contributions to projects such as the Thyristor-based control board and the DC alarm unit. Her leadership as a new product development lead engineer, particularly in battery energy storage, exemplifies the spirit of this award.

Member Company of the Year: IPU. Their role in advancing AMPS objectives and dedication to sustainable solutions have set them apart as industry leaders.

Innovation and Technology Award: WB Power Services. Known for their innovative WB e-Pod, a scalable standby power solution combining adaptability and sustainability, their product has revolutionised standby power solutions, finding swift adoption in critical sectors such as data centres and healthcare.

Environmental Product of the Year: Atlas Copco. The ZBC 250/500 battery storage unit is recognised for its sustainable approach to power generation. This unit demonstrates the ‘blanket zero’ concept, reducing emissions and operating noise while providing versatile and renewable power solutions.

Project of the Year: Generator Power is known for its technical ingenuity in the Gloucester Hospital NHS Trust project, ensuring uninterrupted power during critical upgrades. While Eminox shares the award for the Sunbelt Energy Farm project, a sustainable construction effort on Europe’s largest rail infrastructure project, balancing environmental concerns with logistical efficiency. Both were outstanding in their own ways,hence the decision to split the award.

Business Growth and Strategy Award: Wakefield Acoustics won this category for its response to pandemic challenges and impressive growth, especially in power generation and data centres. Their expansion, community impact, and workforce development are commendable.

Energy and Sustainability: Prolectric stands out for its approach to sustainability, significantly reducing emissions while saving costs for clients. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices and community engagement sets a high standard in the sector.

Oates concluded: “Congratulations to the shortlisted companies, including Generator Power, Crestchic Loadbanks, MHM Group, Instagrid, IPU, Eminox, Volvo Penta, and Creshtic Loadbank. Your innovation, commitment, and pursuit of excellence are vital to our industry.”