Nationwide Platforms has got into the spririt of National Apprenceship Week, and opened applications for 12 new apprentices in engineering and driver operator roles.
With six apprenticeships in each discipline, each will be trained to work with the wide range of machines that make up Nationwide's 13,000-strong fleet of rental equipment.

"Apprentices are the future. This is not just an important investment for Nationwide Platforms, but for the industry as a whole," says Adam Revell, head of technical training at Nationwide Platform. "HGV drivers and engineering are two of the biggest skills gaps out there, and we’ve got to bring more young people through. Our commitment to 12 new apprentices helps widen the talent pool for everybody."

"Every apprentice is given a dedicated Nationwide Platforms mentor to help train, guide and support them through their apprenticeship. These are typically fellow engineers with many years of knowledge to share with the apprentices. We provide training to the mentors to give them coaching skills, and they enjoy being able to give something back through mentoring."

Nationwide's engineering Apprenticeship is a three-year programme intended to develop multiple skills, including essential engineering, growing within a work place and meeting high standards. Apprentices receive on-the-job training and work towards an NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Plant Maintenance, with block release classroom training taking place at regular intervals at a specialist residential college. Upon successful completion of the programme, they become fully qualified engineers within Nationwide Platforms, carrying out inspections and repairs of machines.

The Nationwide Platforms Driver Operator Apprenticeship is a 12-month programme which entails a seven-day driver training programme working towrds a Class 2 driver’s licence. They also receive classroom training delivered by the National Logistics Academy, based in Manchester. Once qualified, they too become full-time employees, operating powered access equipment for Nationwide's customers.

"It’s a great role because one day they can be working on a film set, and the next, up on a bridge as part of a bridge inspection. Our machines also get used for a lot of sporting events, such as the London Marathon," adds Revell.