Rental Software Supplier, MCS, has developed a new functionality enabling hirers to take site photographs and GPS details to help locate equipment on site quickly and easily.

The new functionality means that when it comes to servicing or collection, drivers or engineers will know precisely where on-site the hire assets were stationed upon delivery. Sales Director, explains,

“The ability for hirers to now store site photographs and GPS location details has been especially significant for industries such as generator hire, portable sanitation, and cabin rental. With equipment commonly located on large construction or event sites, it can be incredibly time-consuming to complete jobs without knowing exactly where the item is,” explains MCS Sales Director Nick Thomson.

Rental companies are  able to record precise GPS details of where equipment needs to be delivered, helping to make drop-offs simpler and more efficient. Once delivered, drivers can obtain signatures, complete checklists and take GPS-enabled site photographs - all instantly available in the MCS rental management solution.

“This step towards better visibility of equipment location has been yet another great addition to the MCS Transport Mobile functionality. Empowered with more information about each rental contract, our clients can provide even better customer service and have an improved overview of all of their equipment assets," adds Nick.