DEVELON - the company formerly known as Doosan Construction Equipment - has launched the new DX17Z-7 zero tail swing and DX19-7 Stage V compliant mini-excavators. Both models provide increased performance, versatility, operator comforts and easier maintenance than earlier generation machines. 

Both new machines are powered by a Kubota D902 Stage V diesel engine, providing a 20% higher gross power output of 12.1 kW at 2400 RPM. The engine also offers a 25% larger displacement and a 29% increase in engine torque to 54.6 Nm at 1900 RPM. As well as increased efficiency, the Kubota D902 engine is well-known for its high reliability, easy maintenance and long service life.

Both the DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 have a 1.75 m boom and 1.03 m arm as standard, with an optional longer 1.23 m arm available. The DX17Z-7 has a cast 180 kg counterweight, with an additional 85 kg counterweight for use with the optional longer arm. The tail swing radius in the DX17Z-7 has been reduced by 6.5% to 645mm compared to the previous model. The tail swing radius increases to 720mm when the 85 kg counterweight is used. An integral 65 kg cast counterweight is used in both the standard and longer arm versions of the DX19-7.  

One- and two-way proportional flow is provided as standard, with easy access to the selection valve - flow is controlled via a thumbwheel on the right hand joystick. With quick coupler piping available on both models, the operator can switch to using a quick coupler by pressing a safety button on the left console, which brings up a warning message on the 5 inch digital display in the cab to notify the operator, who then simply pushes a button on the right joystick to begin quick coupler work.   

The DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 are equipped with retractable 230mm tracks, where the width between the tracks can be reduced from 1290mm to 994mm. This allows operators to adapt the width and dimensions of the mini-excavators to navigate through narrow spaces. The adjustable width also allows operators to distribute the weight more evenly, reducing ground pressure and providing increased stability while digging or lifting. 

The DX17Z-7 is available as a canopy machine, while the DX19-7 can be supplied with either a canopy or a cab. Both machines share a common set up for the joystick and switch controls:

The cab version of the DX19-7 has a radio, providing entertainment and a comfortable environment. The DX19-7 is supplied with a heater as standard (with air circulation via three air vents), ensuring excellent conditions for the operator in cold weather and extending the working season. Working with the door closed, no noise or dust enters the cab. A fast defrost system ensures permanent clear visibility and prevents temperature-related damage such as moisture build-up. The heater switch is positioned on the right hand side of the console - it has a two step operation between low and high fan speed.  

A mechanical suspension seat is fitted to both models, which can be adjusted to take in the differences in body shapes and sizes of operators.

LED lights and a rotating beacon are also standard on both models. The DX17Z-7 has an LED lamp as standard on the boom, while the DX19-7 has a light on the boom in both the canopy/cab versions, with another light on the top of the rear section of the cab in the cabbed version.