The Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) provides a series of webinars for the benefit of its members. Many are focused on specific aspects of the plant-hire world, but the latest regards an issue that most hire companies will have a stake in - namely, the transition from red to white diesel.

Pressing, as the imminent changes most certainly are, we thought it would be useful to share the latest briefing. In the video below, CPA Policy Manager Chris Cassely and Legal Manager David Smith run through the background and key dates, before introducing Michael Lyttle and Priti Khattri from HMRC, who talk about the changes from a legislation implementation and policy development perspective.

This is followed by a discourse, moderated by CPA Chief Executive Kevin Minton (pictured), with questions raised and discussed, and with handy contacts for companies wondering what to do with their red diesel reserves. It's interesting stuff, as you'll see inline.