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March 10, 2020

Bobcat unveils electric concepts

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 12:12 pm

Bobcat has displayed a number of electric ‘concept’ machines at the Conexpo Exhibition, which opened in Las Vegas today.

The manufacturer’s stand line-up included the E17 electric/hydraulic mini excavator; the S70e electric/hydraulic loader and the T76e all-electric loader (pictured).

Other new products include R-series loaders, set to be launched in Europe later this year. These are designed for enhanced performance and comfort compared to their predecessors, with a new one-piece cab design and an LED lighting system.

Bobcat also demonstrated a new MaxControl System, whereby operators can control a loader remotely by using an IOS (Apple) based app. For more information visit www.bobcat.com

March 6, 2020

Muck-Truck launches electric barrow

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 9:09 am

Muck-Truck’s new Power Barrow 4WD is an eco-friendly battery powered wheelbarrow. As its name suggests, it has four -wheel drive and the bucket tips electronically at the touch of a button.

The company says that the machine offers a running time of five hours and it can carry loads of up to 365kg. It can be converted for use as a vacuum or as a snow plough, and can be fitted with a ball hitch to tow trailers. For more information visit www.muck-truck.com/power-barrow/

February 20, 2020

Smart access control from Bull Products

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 1:11 pm

Bull Products, a manufacturer of fire protection equipment, has launched the SmartGate access control system.

It incorporates turnstiles that can be joined together to cater for larger volumes of people. They can be installed inside an existing building or at the entrance to a site.

The turnstiles can work in tandem with temporary emergency alarm systems that will allow them to rotate freely, enabling a quick escape in the event of a site evacuation.

The SmartGate System includes software to enable construction sites to keep track of the number of people in the area and how long they are there. Biometric monitoring can also be incorporated. For more information visit www.bullproducts.co.uk

January 28, 2020

Outriggerpads spread the load

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 5:23 pm

Spreader plate provider, Outriggerpads, has devised lightweight, but robust, ramps with high load-bearing capabilities for Nationwide Platforms.

These will help the hirer’s technicians to test the oscillating axles on self-propelled booms and scissors. Made from tough polyethylene, each pair can accommodate loads of up to 50 tonnes, yet the ramps weigh only 32kg each.

The design includes a non-slip surface and two integrated handles for manual handling. The ramps complement Outriggerpads’ other spreader plates and ground mats, which have vertical load bearing capacities from 5 to 350 tonnes. For more details visit www.outriggerpads.co.uk

January 16, 2020

Bobcat mini to take centre stage

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 5:36 pm

Bobcat’s E10e battery driven, zero tail swing mini excavator will be shown on the Doosan Bobcat Stand (I40) for the first time at the Executive Hire Show

The E10e is based on the design of the E10 1-tonne model, and is said to offer equal or better performance, with very low noise levels on site. It has auxiliary lines and an enhanced oil cooler system for continuous hydraulic breaker operation.

Also included on the stand at the Show, which is being held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on 5 and 6 February, will be the 7/31+ compressor generator from Doosan Portable Power. It incorporates an 8.5kVA generator and is aimed at users in the utilities industry. For more information, visit www.bobcat.com and www.doosanportablepower.eu

December 20, 2019

Efficient ESAB plasma cutters

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 6:50 pm

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched its new Cutmaster Black Series into the tool hire industry, comprising enhanced performance plasma cutting consumables. They are claimed to extend operating life by 60% compared with standard electrodes.

They are incorporated on the SL60QD1 torch, which comes with the Cutmaster 60i hand-held air plasma cutting system which increases the unit’s rated cut and piercing capacity to 20mm.

ESAB also offers the MechPak mechanised package to enable the Cutmaster 60i to be connected to a cutting table for semi-automated operation. For more information, visit www.esab.com or call 01992 769515.

December 4, 2019

Low-emission Snorkels

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:45 am

Initially previewed at Bauma earlier this year, Snorkel has now commenced full production of two new lithium-powered Speed Level models at its UK assembly facility in Washington, Tyne & Wear.

The SL26RTE and SL30RTE are completely zero-emission thanks to lithium-ion battery packs with a built-in battery management system, as well as an integrated electric powertrain developed with Hyperdrive Innovation, a Sunderland-based supplier.

The zero emission, lithium-ion batteries deliver significantly less jobsite noise. For example, the new SL26RTE is said to be 60% quieter than the existing Snorkel SL26SL, at less than 68dB.

Fitted with a 2.5kWh 50A battery charger, the battery packs can be fully charged in less than six hours.

The SL26RTE weighs 3,500kg, offers a maximum platform height of 8m and has a lift capacity of 680kg. Available with non-marking tyres, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The larger SL30RTE can reach a maximum platform height of 9m, lifting a maximum capacity of 590kg. The machine is drivable at full height and weighs 3,450kg.

Pictured (right to left) are John Gill, Chief Manufacturing Officer, Snorkel; Matthew Elvin, Chief Executive Officer, Snorkel; and from Hyperdrive Innovation Stephen Irish, Jason Lovell and Ed Bisdee. For machine details visit www.snorkellifts.com

November 26, 2019

Molotok breakers from CRH

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 9:46 am

CRH Plant has become a dealer for the British-manufactured Molotok range of breaker attachments.

The company will be stocking hydraulic hammer attachments to suit excavators from 1.5 to 55 tonnes excavators. It says that the products have been tried and tested in all corners of the globe, including Australia, the United States, Canada and South Africa, demonstrating their durability and quality.

CRH will also be supplying parts for these hammers to provide a complete all-round service. For more information visit www.crhplant.co.uk

November 15, 2019

Solar light for loos

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 9:36 am

A solar-powered light designed for portable toilets and showers has been launched by Solar Technology International.

The Tibu light is switches on and off automatically and can deliver up to 240 activations in a 24-hour period. The in-built 3W solar cell can charge the battery from full to flat in five hours.

The manufacturer says the unit is particularly suitable for sites with little or no access to grid power and is a clean, silent alternative to lights powered by a generator.

The Tibu is made from a tough ABS material and an anti-theft lock prevents it from being shaken or dislodged during cleaning, loading and transportation. For more details visit www.solartechnology.co.uk

October 29, 2019

Stainless steel Groundhog

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 11:35 am

At the recent CPA (Construction Plant-hire Association) Conference in Solihull, Genquip Groundhog showed a new all-stainless steel version of its GP360 Fusion Pulse welfare cabin.

Genquip’s Peter Beach, pictured, says the 3.6m unit is designed for longevity and has a hot-dip galvanised chassis plus a non-porous plastic floor.

There is seating for up to six people and warm water is supplied by an on-board system. Solar panels and 12V LED lighting are incorporated and an integral 6kVA generator provides backup power. For more details visit www.groundhog.co.uk

October 25, 2019

Little Mixx takes the stage

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 2:41 pm

The Preparation Group has launched a compact forced action mixer called Little Mixx.

With a capacity of 15-30kg and an output of 600kg an hour, it is designed to mix coatings (including resins and polyurethanes), levelling compounds, screeds, mortars and other materials.

The company’s Specialist Finishes Manager, Ian Hebblewhite, said, “Our R&D department has been working on a new range of equipment with simplicity at the forefront. Little Mixx is made from steel, not fibre glass, so is built to withstand knocks, and will sit nicely in an estate car or small van. For more information see www.ppcgroup.co.uk/product/little-mix

October 21, 2019

Bright ideas from Morris

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 3:55 pm

New environmentally friendly products unveiled at the Showman’s Show last week by Morris Site Machinery included the SMC TL60 Solar, which has three solar panels and is designed for high light output (pictured).

Also new is the SMC SL60 Link light for economical lighting at events and other sites, and which offers daisy chain capabilities.

Other models displayed included the compact SMC TL60 Solar Trolley and the TL90 Evolve lighting tower which has a Stage V-compliant engine for low emissions in line with the latest EU regulations.

The SMC Genpac 10 is a new dual voltage 10kVA generator which has a 1,500rpm Kubota engine and is designed for low levels of noise and emissions. Another newcomer is the Hilta Hyperwash diesel pressure washer, which also has a Stage V engine which has a robust roll-cage and four large wheels for work on rough terrain. It can be stacked to allow 52 units in a 40ft container. For more details visit www.morrismachinery.co.uk

October 14, 2019

Firefly launches enhanced Hybrid

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 2:47 pm

Firefly Hybrid Power has launched its second-generation PowerPlus Hybrid Power Generator (HPG). It has been designed to meet growing demand for reliable and sustainable power solutions, especially at sites with little or no access to the grid, and to reduce reliance on traditional diesel generators for power.

At the machine’s heart lies an advanced programmable controller and battery management system coupled with smart AC distribution and user-friendly interface to manage the generator.

The integrated high-capacity battery storage, available in either AGM or LFP options, is said to provide up to 60% run time savings over diesel-only generators.

The unit can also harness solar and wind power, and a built-in touchscreen displays and records socket level loading, energy consumption and troubleshooting information. This data can also be monitored via Firefly’s bespoke remote fleet management platform, Glow RFM, which can allow detailed environmental reports to be produced.

Firefly Hybrid Power, which is owned by CCL Energy Group, specialises in hybrid battery power systems. For further information about the PowerPlus HPG, visit www.fireflyhybridpower.com

July 30, 2019

Point of Rental sprints forward

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:58 am

Point of Rental says the newest editions of its Rental Expert and Elite software will be arriving much more frequently, starting with version 2019. User-suggested improvements and new functions will now be implemented and available to all users every two to three weeks.

Director of Product Development, David Jensen, said that by switching to ‘sprint cycles’, users will have access to the newest features sooner and that Version 2019 contains dozens of enhancements based on user submissions.

Additions include customisable billing templates, the creation of Parts Items to allow for serialised, fractional, and labour itemisation, and amage waiver percentages can now be set by customer.

On work orders or repair contracts, users can receive notifications if their equipment is still under warranty, and purchase orders have been simplified. For more information visit www.pointofrental.com

July 25, 2019

Make an impact with Makita

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 11:05 am

New from Makita is the DTD171 18V LXT brushless impact driver, which offers a maximum tightening torque of 180Nm, making it the company’s most powerful cordless model.

It has electronic four stage impact power selection, as well as four separate ‘assist modes’, tailored for use on particular tasks including wood, thick or thin metal plates, and bolts.

Makita has also introduced a number of cordless impact wrenches with brushless motors. These include the TW160D and TW161D 12V Max CXT models and the DTW181Z, an 18V LXT tool, which all have a reverse rotation auto-stop mode to make unfastening bolts safer. The manufacturer says the system will detect when the bolt has been loosened enough and will stop the impact and rotation in 0.2 seconds. For more information visit www.makitauk.com

July 15, 2019

JCB launches power tools range

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 11:01 am

JCB Tools, an official licensee of the construction equipment manufacturer, has introduced a range of cordless power and hand tools.

The line-up includes tools with brushless motors designed to produce less heat for higher performance, longer life and quieter operation. They are available in a range of kit options from 2Ah through to 5Ah.

Each product comes with a three-year trade warranty, with the option to upgrade to five years.

A selection of accessories is also available under the name of Diamondtech, including diamond-tipped hole saws work on a variety of materials. The full range can be viewed at www.jcb-tools.com

June 25, 2019

Trime highlights winch safety

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 10:02 am

Trime has introduced a device which is now being fitted as standard on its hand-winch lighting towers to protect the operator bystanders should the winch rope fail and the mast fall.

The system is designed so that the mast is blocked if the ropes were to become broken, stopping a sudden fall and preventing serious injury.

The manufacturer says that, although rope failures are uncommon, deliberate damage caused by vandalism can be an issue, particularly at festivals and outside events. In addition, over-winding and lack of maintenance can contribute towards cuts or frays to the rope.

Models incorporating the system include the X-City (pictured) and X-Chain lighting sets. For details go to www.trimeuk.com

June 19, 2019

Compact pipe cleaning system

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 7:38 am

A compact high-speed pipeline cleaning system for domestic drainage and plumbing applications has been launched by specialist manufacturer, Picote Solutions.

Designed for cleaning operations in the 32mm to 70mm diameter range, the Mini Cleaner has a flexible two-part shaft with a rotating inner core to which the cleaning heads are attached. A stationary outer casing is incorporated to ensure the operator’s hands do not make contact with rotating parts.

The unit, which weighs only 26.5 kg, is designed for high-speed descaling of pipes and blockage removal, and has the flexibility to handle multiple 90 degree bends even in smaller diameter pipes, says the manufacturer.

The system comes with a kit of cleaning adapters, brushes and polishing pads. For more details visit www.picotesolutions.com

May 24, 2019

HSC adds Weber battery rammer

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 2:17 pm

A new addition to The Hire Supply Company’s range of Weber MT vibrating rammers is the SRE 300 battery powered trench model, which enables compaction tasks to be undertaken with zero emissions.

Instead of being mounted directly on top of the machine, the battery pack is housed in a worn by the operator, and comprises lithium-ion batteries engineered by the French manufacturer, Pellenc.

The unit is claimed to deliver a force of 9.1kN and to operate for up to 75 minutes. Aside from gardening and landscaping compaction tasks, typical area of application include is the construction of narrow trenches and channels, and work between pipes.

The SRE weighs 33kg and can facilitate work in deeper trenches and enclosed spaces. For more information visit www.hscuk.co.uk

May 23, 2019

More power from GreenMech

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:50 am

New from GreenMech is the EVO 165 wood chipper which has been designed to deliver more aggressive torque and increased throughput.

The machine has a wide infeed chute, together with twin horizontal rollers and the manufacturer’s ‘no-stress’ control system to grip timber and brash in a manner that controls its lateral movement for greater processing efficiency.

Diesel and petrol engine options are available, designed to meet the requirements of EU Stage V emission regulations. GreenMech also states that the EVO 165 is its quietest machine to date. For more details visit www.greenmech.co.uk

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