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October 14, 2019

Firefly launches enhanced Hybrid

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 2:47 pm

Firefly Hybrid Power has launched its second-generation PowerPlus Hybrid Power Generator (HPG). It has been designed to meet growing demand for reliable and sustainable power solutions, especially at sites with little or no access to the grid, and to reduce reliance on traditional diesel generators for power.

At the machine’s heart lies an advanced programmable controller and battery management system coupled with smart AC distribution and user-friendly interface to manage the generator.

The integrated high-capacity battery storage, available in either AGM or LFP options, is said to provide up to 60% run time savings over diesel-only generators.

The unit can also harness solar and wind power, and a built-in touchscreen displays and records socket level loading, energy consumption and troubleshooting information. This data can also be monitored via Firefly’s bespoke remote fleet management platform, Glow RFM, which can allow detailed environmental reports to be produced.

Firefly Hybrid Power, which is owned by CCL Energy Group, specialises in hybrid battery power systems. For further information about the PowerPlus HPG, visit www.fireflyhybridpower.com

July 30, 2019

Point of Rental sprints forward

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:58 am

Point of Rental says the newest editions of its Rental Expert and Elite software will be arriving much more frequently, starting with version 2019. User-suggested improvements and new functions will now be implemented and available to all users every two to three weeks.

Director of Product Development, David Jensen, said that by switching to ‘sprint cycles’, users will have access to the newest features sooner and that Version 2019 contains dozens of enhancements based on user submissions.

Additions include customisable billing templates, the creation of Parts Items to allow for serialised, fractional, and labour itemisation, and amage waiver percentages can now be set by customer.

On work orders or repair contracts, users can receive notifications if their equipment is still under warranty, and purchase orders have been simplified. For more information visit www.pointofrental.com

July 25, 2019

Make an impact with Makita

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 11:05 am

New from Makita is the DTD171 18V LXT brushless impact driver, which offers a maximum tightening torque of 180Nm, making it the company’s most powerful cordless model.

It has electronic four stage impact power selection, as well as four separate ‘assist modes’, tailored for use on particular tasks including wood, thick or thin metal plates, and bolts.

Makita has also introduced a number of cordless impact wrenches with brushless motors. These include the TW160D and TW161D 12V Max CXT models and the DTW181Z, an 18V LXT tool, which all have a reverse rotation auto-stop mode to make unfastening bolts safer. The manufacturer says the system will detect when the bolt has been loosened enough and will stop the impact and rotation in 0.2 seconds. For more information visit www.makitauk.com

July 15, 2019

JCB launches power tools range

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 11:01 am

JCB Tools, an official licensee of the construction equipment manufacturer, has introduced a range of cordless power and hand tools.

The line-up includes tools with brushless motors designed to produce less heat for higher performance, longer life and quieter operation. They are available in a range of kit options from 2Ah through to 5Ah.

Each product comes with a three-year trade warranty, with the option to upgrade to five years.

A selection of accessories is also available under the name of Diamondtech, including diamond-tipped hole saws work on a variety of materials. The full range can be viewed at www.jcb-tools.com

June 25, 2019

Trime highlights winch safety

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 10:02 am

Trime has introduced a device which is now being fitted as standard on its hand-winch lighting towers to protect the operator bystanders should the winch rope fail and the mast fall.

The system is designed so that the mast is blocked if the ropes were to become broken, stopping a sudden fall and preventing serious injury.

The manufacturer says that, although rope failures are uncommon, deliberate damage caused by vandalism can be an issue, particularly at festivals and outside events. In addition, over-winding and lack of maintenance can contribute towards cuts or frays to the rope.

Models incorporating the system include the X-City (pictured) and X-Chain lighting sets. For details go to www.trimeuk.com

June 19, 2019

Compact pipe cleaning system

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 7:38 am

A compact high-speed pipeline cleaning system for domestic drainage and plumbing applications has been launched by specialist manufacturer, Picote Solutions.

Designed for cleaning operations in the 32mm to 70mm diameter range, the Mini Cleaner has a flexible two-part shaft with a rotating inner core to which the cleaning heads are attached. A stationary outer casing is incorporated to ensure the operator’s hands do not make contact with rotating parts.

The unit, which weighs only 26.5 kg, is designed for high-speed descaling of pipes and blockage removal, and has the flexibility to handle multiple 90 degree bends even in smaller diameter pipes, says the manufacturer.

The system comes with a kit of cleaning adapters, brushes and polishing pads. For more details visit www.picotesolutions.com

May 24, 2019

HSC adds Weber battery rammer

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 2:17 pm

A new addition to The Hire Supply Company’s range of Weber MT vibrating rammers is the SRE 300 battery powered trench model, which enables compaction tasks to be undertaken with zero emissions.

Instead of being mounted directly on top of the machine, the battery pack is housed in a worn by the operator, and comprises lithium-ion batteries engineered by the French manufacturer, Pellenc.

The unit is claimed to deliver a force of 9.1kN and to operate for up to 75 minutes. Aside from gardening and landscaping compaction tasks, typical area of application include is the construction of narrow trenches and channels, and work between pipes.

The SRE weighs 33kg and can facilitate work in deeper trenches and enclosed spaces. For more information visit www.hscuk.co.uk

May 23, 2019

More power from GreenMech

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:50 am

New from GreenMech is the EVO 165 wood chipper which has been designed to deliver more aggressive torque and increased throughput.

The machine has a wide infeed chute, together with twin horizontal rollers and the manufacturer’s ‘no-stress’ control system to grip timber and brash in a manner that controls its lateral movement for greater processing efficiency.

Diesel and petrol engine options are available, designed to meet the requirements of EU Stage V emission regulations. GreenMech also states that the EVO 165 is its quietest machine to date. For more details visit www.greenmech.co.uk

April 30, 2019

inspHire’s smooth operators

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 4:49 pm

inspHire has just launched a new and improved Operated Plant module, to help businesses efficiently assign trained users to machines, cross-referencing availability against the competencies needed to carry out a job, using drag-and drop functionality.

Operator information such as licences and certificates can be stored, and shift patterns can be specified during the schedule planning process. Timesheet entry has been digitised within inspHire Mobile, enabling users to confirm the authenticity of the timesheet, ready for a site foreman to sign digitally. The data can then be transferred to the main office for review prior to invoicing

For more details visit www.insphire.com, or see the system in action on the company’s stands at the forthcoming Vertikal Days and Plantworx events.

April 26, 2019

Compact Atlas Copco compressors

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 1:58 pm

Atlas Copco has launched new versions of its XAVS 238 and XATS 288 portable compressors with a 27% smaller footprint.

The 238cfm and 288cfm single-axis machines are also 20% lighter, facilitating transportation and deployment on site. Both have a new screw element designed by the manufacturer, combined with a new engine that is said to give a 10% reduction in energy consumption.

The new models have Atlas Copco’s PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) compressor control system. This is designed to extend the operating spectrum for a single compressor from 7 bar up to 14 bar, giving greater hire versatility. For more details visit www.atlascopco.co.uk

April 25, 2019

Efficient scarifier from PSD

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 2:24 pm

PSD Groundscare has added the new Eliet C550ZR Collector scarifier to its Ready4Rent landscaping equipment range.

It is designed to remove moss and thatchy material for healthy grass growth,and leaves it in narrow rows for easier disposal. PSD also says that, on the next pass, the material can be collected by the machine and integrated into a new row, along with the raked-up material from the second strip of turf, to create one row for even greater working efficiency.

The C550ZR is self-propelled and has an above-average 55cm working width. The scarifying blades are spaced every 15mm for intensive treatment of the turf and are designed to rotate forwards for maximum performance and better collection of debris.

The machine incorporates an anti-vibration mechanism and has a rubber-coated roller to leave an aesthetically pleasing stripes on the lawn. For more details, and to arrange a demonstration, contact PSD Groundscare on 01282 856819.

April 24, 2019

Prop Pal gains support

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 2:03 pm

A new needle support system for the building industry, called Prop Pal, is claimed to provide a safer, more efficient and secure temporary wall support for tradesmen who want to create a flush ceiling effect.

Business Development Manager, David Cheshire, says a shoring prop locks into the Prop Pal needle at one end, whilst the other end has a patented jacking support or winding mechanism which can be secured to the floor for greater stability, with a safe working load of 1,500kg per unit, providing a safer method of temporary wall support.

The manufacturer adds that the jacking support can be adjusted to securely support the inner leaf wall whilst the shoring prop supports the external one, and that the product provides greater access for inserting steel beams. It also states that the Prop Pal gives minimal disturbance to walls and ceilings, and that timber floors can be left intact.

The product was invented by a builder. One hirer that has already added it to its hire fleet is Blackpool-based Smiths Equipment Hire. For more details, visit www.proppal.co.uk/hire

April 23, 2019

Mapping and monitoring from GeoSlam

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 3:54 pm

Geospatial mapping and monitoring technology specialist, GeoSlam, recently launched the Zeb-Horizon, a hand-held 3D laser scanner designed to rapidly capture intricate indoor and outdoor measurements from up to 100m away.

The company states that the product can be deployed for both indoor and outdoor use, without the need for GPS. It uses a ‘walk-and-scan’ method of data collection to allow users to deliver accurate results at speed for highly detailed feature detection.

The scanner can be mounted on drones for aerial surveys in difficult-to-reach or potentially hazardous locations, and there is a pole option for elevation and a cradle for lowering below ground. Find out more at www.geoslam.com

April 17, 2019

Armorgard launches InstaGate barrier

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 11:01 am

The new InstaGate from Armorgard is a modular crowd control barrier incorporating a specially designed latching system for quick deployment.

Made from lightweight aluminium the product can extend to any length and be opened and fixed single-handedly, says the manufacturer. Once expanded and braked, InstaGate forms a highly visible red and white barrier, and multiple units can be locked together.

Armorgard, which promoted InstaGate at the Executive Hire Show, says InstaGate is available in 4ft and 6ft heights, and can be used with standard scaffold clamps for fixing to scaffold or to turn corners. For more details go to www.armorgard.co.uk

April 11, 2019

Himoinsa’s Stage V range

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 2:48 pm

Himoinsa has designed a range of generators with Yanmar, FPT and Scania engines that include a new after-treatment system to comply EU emissions regulations for non-road mobile machinery.

The standard requires a reduction of up to 90% of harmful particles with respect to the previous technology. With a power range from 9kVA to 550kVA, the compact S5 machines have canopy doors with upper faces angled at 20° to prevent water ingress, while the addition of a zinc-rich primer prior to the final paint finish gives resistance to salt.

The sets incorporate a rock wool insulation whose thickness in certain areas has been increased from 50mm to 100mm to reduce noise. Models also include a new control and power panel integrated into the rear of the canopy to save space and facilitate maintenance.

The fuel and AdBlue tanks are the same size for optimum running time. The HRFW 200 S5 model, seen at Bauma in Munich this week, incorporates has a tank capacity of 600 litres and a running time of 14 hours. For more details visit www.himoinsa.com

April 1, 2019

Optimum torque from Hilti

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 12:47 pm

Hilti’s new SIW 6AT-A22 cordless impact wrench and SI-AT-A22 adaptive torque module have been designed to overcome the problem of under and over-torqued HST3 stud anchors.

The module slots into the base of the tool and has a mechatronic system to process live data on the settings being done. Hilti says that, when used together, this covers ETA approvals for HST3 stud anchors ranging in size between M8 to M12, and that it offers a consistently accurate alternative to torque wrenches and torque bars.

Users scan the box of the Hilti HST3 anchor with the AT module’s integrated barcode reader and the tool automatically tightens to the required torque. Once the process is complete, the module provides a visual and audible alert before stopping automatically.

The torque module can be connected to a computer to download all settings done for an installation report using documentation software available from the manufacturer. The system can also be used to set standard bolts up to size M16 according to one of 30 available torque settings. For more information visit www.hilti.co.uk/siw6at

Morris adds the kitchen sink

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:33 am

Morris Site Machinery has waited until today to announce that its design team have developed a mini kitchen for its Denyo generators to provide home comforts on work sites.

Available as an option, the quirky Kitchyo includes an oven, hob, kettle, pots, pans, and even a kitchen sink.

CEO Chris Morris said, “Our talented design team regularly produce quality equipment that embodies our ‘Built to Perform’ ethos and they were inspired to come up with something different.

“The mini kitchen can be fitted to our range of silent generators. It means we can not only meet on-site power needs, but also fuel the operatives with hearty cooked breakfasts, and hot food and drinks throughout the day and night.”

He continued, “Our generators are known for their silent operation and we’re confident the sizzling sounds of frying bacon from the new kitchen kit will meet noise restrictions on site.”

• EHN recognises that Morris is constantly hungry for success, and this latest initiative reinforces that view. However, we understand the Kitchyo is only available in an extremely limited edition and that customers should contact the company before noon today, 1st April, for the best chance of success. You’d be a Fool otherwise.

March 19, 2019

Syrinx adds Sage Pay integration

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 9:17 am

Point of Rental has integrated its Syrinx hire software product with Sage Pay, allowing users to provide a one-step credit card payment option to customers.

The company says this allows payments to be processed via Sage Pay PDQ machines, known as point-of-sale terminals, or via Sage Pay’s token system. This is said to streamline the credit card payment process whilst increasing security.

Point of Rental adds that the integration allows payment values to be passed directly from Syrinx’s cash payment feature to Sage Pay PDQ and back, removing re-keying errors and eliminating other errors.

If the cardholder is not present, the token system is designed to make transactions secure and to simplify the book-keeping process, saving time in reconciliation. For more information visit pointofrental.co.uk/products/syrinx/sage-pay.

March 18, 2019

Cable locator from Vivax

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:54 am

The vLoc3-Pro from Vivax-Metrotech is designed to locate buried utility cables without causing them damage.

The hand-held device, which was displayed at the Executive Hire Show last month, enables offset locating, meaning the user does not have to be directly above the cable in order to identify its exact location and depth. Its configurable frequency range runs from 16Hz to 200Hz.

The unit uses a tri-axial antenna to pinpoint the location of the target, from any direction, and features five different screen views, including a classic location screen, and plan view showing the relative orientation of the cable at any angle.

Data is stored in the cloud, or can be communicated via Bluetooth to external GPS devices as an optional extra. For more information go to www.vivax-metrotech.com

March 14, 2019

Trojan blade designed for safety

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 9:02 am

Trojan Construction launched its new Platinum Pipe Cutter blade at the Executive Hire Show last month. It is designed to cut and chamfer in one action to create a bevel on pipes, helping to improve productivity.

The product is also said to eliminate the risk of an operator using the side of a standard diamond blade to chamfer a pipe.

With a segment height of 10mm, the blade is suitable for bevelling pipes made of clay, plastic or steel, and can be used for wet or dry cutting. For more details visit www.trojanlimited.co.uk

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