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September 4, 2017

Clean success for Trailer Engineering

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 12:33 pm

Trailer Engineering reports that its range of fuel storage solutions are proving popular, being designed to last for at least ten years with polyethylene inner tanks to keep the contents clean and rust-free.

The company’s 950-Litre Polycube was developed to meet demand for a robust, stackable and secure tank which was completely corrosion free and fully approved. It adds that customers mainly use these ‘cubes’ for fuelling generators, but a selection of pumps are also available as options.

A 2,000-litre Polycube is also offered, and Trailer Engineering says it will launch new additions to its range at the Executive Hire Show in February. For more details go to www.trailerengineering.co.uk

August 23, 2017

Clean coolers with Scotts

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:32 am

Scott Brothers has launched its SB-901 Evaporative Air Cooler Cleaner, which has been specially formulated for use with this type of machine.

The germicidal and anti-bacterial product is designed to eliminate mould spores and to kill bacteria, leaving a fresh-smelling scent. Two capfuls are diluted per five litres of water.

The company says it has developed SB-901 to overcome issues of machines with dirty, inefficient filters, and that it avoids having to use fluids or disinfectants that are not specifically designed for cleaning evaporative air coolers. It adds that Brandon Hire is amongst users of the product. For more information go to www.scottbrothersltd.co.uk

August 17, 2017

Bobcat extends forestry cutter range

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:57 am

Bobcat has extended its range of forestry cutter attachments with a third model, the new FRC150ST, for use on its smaller S630/H and S650/H skid steer loaders, and the T590/H and T650/H compact tracked loaders.

The 1.5m-wide FRC150ST incorporates improvements over the previous FRC150 model and is manufactured almost entirely from wear-resistant Hardox steel, with a new fixed motor designed for greater efficiency. It also has a lighter drum with carbide teeth, new hose routing and offers greater manoeuvrability, says the company.

The attachment is designed for continuous work on bushes and trees of 100mm to 120mm in diameter, intermittent use for trees with a diameter from 150mm to 200mm, and occasional use on trees of 220mm to 260mm in diameter. For further details go to www.bobcat.com

July 23, 2017

Ammann’s lightweight plates

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 2:41 pm

Ammann has released the APF range of forward travel plate compactors, designed for increased performance, manoeuvrability, travel speed and climbing ability, as well as reduced vibration.

The new models, available from A & Y Group, comprise the APF 12/33, APF 15/40, APF 15/50, and APF 20/50. They are described as the lightest of the manufacturer’s plate compactors, with weights ranging from 69kg to 107kg and widths from 330mm to 500mm. The current popular APF1033, which weighs 54kg, will remain in the range.

The machines are designed for a variety of applications, such as landscaping and road works. They are also available with an optional water sprinkler, Vulkollan polyurethane mat and transport wheel kit for asphalt applications and the laying of paving stones.

A patented Z-buffer is inserted into the handles to enable precise machine control whilst protecting the operator from vibration, with a quoted HAV level of less than 2.5 m/sec2. For more details visit www.aandygroup.com

July 11, 2017

Castle Brooke on display

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:42 am

Castle Brooke Tools (UK) says it is responding to demand from hire companies who want to add an additional revenue stream by offering retail items.

The company has introduced a range of free-standing display units that are designed to accommodate either a complete line of drill bits, or a mixture of similar consumables.

Items of differing sizes and types can be displayed by adjusting the mounting brackets. The range available includes masonry drills, HSS drills, cobalt drills, SDS- drills, hole saws and wood drills. A selection of wire brushes will also be added shortly. For more details visit www.castlebrooke.co.uk

July 7, 2017

Efficiency from MAC3

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 12:16 pm

MAC3 says its pneumatic tools are designed to provide ergonomic design, high productivity and low energy consumption. The new P9 GP pick hammer weighs approximately 12kg and is available in versions with standard hexagonal and round shanks. It incorporates a larger handle for better user comfort.

Components are designed so as to eliminate the need for lubrication, and the tools have been developed for low air consumption which, the company says, makes it easier for hirers to provide an appropriate compressor. The manufacturer states that one of its 90cfm, 7bar (100psi) models is sufficient to operate any two of its tools. For more information go to www.mac3europe.com

June 29, 2017

New Makita cordless hammer

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 9:31 am

Makita has introduced the new HR166D 10.8V brushless rotary hammer drill, which has a similar appearance to its 18V counterpart but is a third smaller in overall dimensions.

The tool can run at up to 680rpm and generates up to 4,800 impacts per minute. Delivering 1.1 joules of impact energy, it can make a hole of up to 16mm diameter in concrete, 13mm in wood and 10mm in steel.

The SDS-Plus chuck incorporates one-touch sliding operation and has two modes, rotary-only and rotary hammer, selected by a switch on the body. For more details go to www.makitauk.com

June 20, 2017

CAT generator trio

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 10:10 am

Caterpillar has launched its Cat RP Series of portable generators comprising three standard models, ranging from 2.5 to 4.4kW and designed for use by both professional contractors and home owners.

The RP2500, RP3100 and RP4400 have multiple outlets, switchable between 115V and 230V, as well as 12V DC charging points/power outlets. The main functions are altered via an LED-lit control panel, and a multi-function display enables users to toggle between lifetime running hours, session running hours, voltage and run-time to monitor performance and to determine when re-fuelling or service is required.

The machines are designed to be compact with a low centre of gravity for stability, and an automatic shutdown engages when oil levels are too low. For more information visit http://www.cat.com/homeandoutdoor

June 9, 2017

New JCB attachments

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 3:13 pm

JCB Attachments has launched a new range of bladed buckets for its excavator, backhoe loader, Hydradig wheeled loader and compact excavators.

The buckets are designed to help prevent electricity cable strikes and water pipe damage in utilities applications, and to enable the excavation of tidier, flat-bottomed trenches.

Also new is a range of quick-hitches incorporating a spring-activated safety lock, and which are designed for reduced maintenance. For more details go to www.jcb.com/en-gb/products/attachments.

June 2, 2017

Doosan mini swings in

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:41 am

Doosan’s DX17Z mini excavator is a 1.7-tonne zero tail swing model which also incoporates what the manufacture calls zero house swing, whereby the front upper structure remains within the swing circle of the machine’s extended tracks, facilitating work close to walls and other objects.

The machine has a standard operating weight of 1749kg and a maximum digging depth of 2249 mm. Options include a long dozer blade, and it can also be supplied with supplied with an optional certified ‘object handling device’, which consists of:a boom load holding valve, arm load holding valve, hooking device and overload warning device. For more information visit www.doosanequipment.eu

May 26, 2017

Broad Husqvarna floor prep range

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 9:15 am

Husqvarna is looking to grow its penetration of the concrete floor grinding market through offering products from HTC Floor Grinding Solutions and the dust management equipment manufacturer, Pullman Ermator, both of which it acquired earlier this year.

The company states that floor grinding equipment and tools can be used for many applications, from levelling and preparing a concrete floor before adding a new surface layer, to polishing the material to give an attractive and durable finish. Husqvarna believes there is considerable potential for the concept amongst architects, property owners, builders and flooring contractors. For more details visit www.husqvarnacp.com

May 17, 2017

Extended Boss tower range

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 11:06 am

New to the Boss range of mobile access products from WernerCo are the End-Linked Tower and the Extended-End Cantilever, designed to facilitate working over obstacles and at height.

Made from high-grade construction aluminium, the End-Linked Tower has been developed for working across buildings and large machinery. It can provide a continuous working area by joining two Boss towers using a new step-through ladder frame. With a 3.2m fixed deck, the uninterrupted area provides a bigger working platform using minimal components, says the manufacturer.

For tasks in or above areas such as porches, garages or stairways, the Extended-End Cantilever frame system can be used to convert a double width access tower, providing an additional platform area of up to 1.8m.

The End-Linked Tower has a load capacity of up to 275kg per platform level and the deck area can be erected at varying heights. The Extended-End Cantilever offers a platform height of up to 6.2m. Both systems have an integrated ladder with anti-slip rungs. For further information visit www.bossaccesstowers.com

May 5, 2017

On track with Himoinsa

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:14 am

Himoinsa has introduced a system that enables its generator sets to be monitored 24 hours a day remotely, using any device with an internet connection.

The Genset Manager application gives access to data generated by the control units on the machines, enabling the operator to switch them on and off, monitor their status and change their operating mode.

The manufacturer says the system can reduce the number of site visits needed, as it automatically estimates the dates on which each generator will need to be refuelled. Also, GPS monitoring enables the machines to be tracked, and SMS messages can be sent to warn of possible theft. For more details visit www.himoinsa.com

April 28, 2017

Bosch combi lasers

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 3:26 pm

Bosch’s new GCL 2-50 C and CG combi lasers can be used via a Bluetooth connection to allow them to be controlled by a smartphone using the manufacturer’s Toolbox app, or by a remote control unit.

Also, by combining Bosch’s remote levelling app and the RM 3 Professional motorised rotating mount, fine positional adjustments can be made. Vertical and horizontal laser lines, extending almost 360°, can be aligned around centred plumb points which are projected onto the floor and ceiling for accurate transfer of reference points. Bosch says diagonal alignment, for fittings such as stair handrails, is simplified by an incline function.

The CG model has a green laser light which has a visible range of up to 20m, and its laser receiver has a working range of 50m. For more information visit www.bosch-professional.com

April 21, 2017

Stay sharp with GreenMech

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 8:56 am

GreenMech has introduced a disc-blade sharpening unit that can be used to service blades on its wood chippers.

Sales Director Martin Lucas said, “Giving users the autonomy to sharpen their own blades as and when required speeds up the process, whilst also improving the efficiency of the chipper.” For those who wish to return their blades to the manufacturer, GreenMech will continue to offer its factory disc-blade sharpening service.

The company’s blades are designed so that only 30% of the circumference comes into contact with the woody material. When the edges become worn or damaged, they can be turned to the next sharp section, typically giving up to 150 hours of additional operation before re-sharpening is required, says the company. For more details visit www.greenmech.co.uk

April 13, 2017

Quick coupler from Bobcat

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 9:28 am

Doosan Bobcat has extended its excavator quick coupler offering with the launch of a new hydraulic pin grabber coupler for attachments used on the seven Bobcat mini excavators from the E25 up to the E55.

he Bobcat Hydraulic Coupler is available both as a factory-installed units and as a retro-fit option for use with all the pin-on fitting attachments for the machines. It has a triple-lock design for greater safety and it enables the operator to rapidly change between non-hydraulic attachments from the cab.

The pins used in the system are under constant pressure from the hydraulic cylinder to ensure the attachment is tightly gripped, even when there has been pin wear over longer term use, says the manufacturer. For more information visit www.bobcat.com

April 3, 2017

Hitachi cordless nailers

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 9:47 am

Hitachi Power Tools has introduced a range of 18V cordless nailers that incorporate a spring-driven system using compressed air to drive each nail.

The mechanism is claimed to cause less recoil and to give a quicker response time between operations. Models available include the NT1850DBSL/JM
18-gauge straight brad nailer, NT1865DBSL/JM
16-gauge straight finish nailer, and the NT1865DBAL/JM
15-gauge angled finish nailer, all of which have brushless motors and are supplied with two 3.0Ah Lithium-ion batteries. For more details visit www.hitachi-powertools.co.uk

March 23, 2017

Heavy-duty Husqvarna saw

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 10:38 am

Husqvarna has launched the heavy-duty K 1270 cut-off saw, which has the manufacturer’s X-Torq engine, designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions without compromising power output.

The engine uses air to flush out the cylinder instead of using a fuel mixture, as in a conventional two-stroke engine. The K 1270 can accept 14in and 16in diameter blades, and it has a magnesium blade guard for an improved power-to-weight ratio. A K1270 Rail version is also available for railway contractors, and both models supersede the previous K1260 versions. For more details visit www.husqvarnacp.co.uk

March 10, 2017

Hird mini floor crane

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 3:18 pm

The Hird Group has introduced the 650mm-wide Wienold MFC750 wheeled mini crane, for which it is the UK distributor. A compact version, the MFC 750Ks, which is nicknamed the ‘Shorty’, is 1200mm long and can lift up to 500kg.

When fitted with a pin-on rear tray, the ballast is moved further back and machine length becomes 1800mm, with a maximum capacity of 750kg. The model displayed at last month’s Executive Hire Show was carrying an Oktopus dual reservoir vacuum lifter with four suction pads, with a maximum capacity of 300kg. For more details visit www.hird.co.uk

March 6, 2017

Vortex pump from T-T

Filed under: Whats New — EHN Team @ 12:57 pm

New from T-T Pumps is the Liberator Vortex, an extension to the manufacturer’s Liberator range of submersible de-watering pumps, which was launched at the Executive Hire Show.

The product has been adapted for high resistance to liquids containing sand and gravel, with solids handling capability up to 38mm. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions, such as coping with abrasive material in sludge. The lightweight pump incorporates a vortex impeller to minimise the risk of clogging, and it has a stainless steel motor casing and a thermoplastic polyester elastomer pump casing for impact resistance.

T-T says that the Liberator Vortex’s suitability for multiple applications, including construction and industrial sites, emergency de-watering and tunnelling, makes it a useful addition for hire fleets. For more information visit www.ttpumps.com

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