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April/May 2018
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Executive Hire News › Archives › April/May 2018 › Market Report: Low-Level Access : Latest products

Market Report: Low-Level Access : Latest products

JCB Access launches scissor lifts

JCB has introduced a range of electric scissor lifts powered by Lithium-ion batteries, just a year after entering the access market. The five new models available comprise the S1530E (pictured), S1930E, S2032E, S2646E and the S2646E, offering working heights of 6.6m through to 10.1m.
The manufacturer says that the batteries offer up to 40% longer operation and a 50% cut in recharging times, and they can be left in a low state of charge without damaging the cells. For protection, they can also be set to cut-out when minimum charge level is reached.
The Lithium-ion powered machines can be used in conjunction with a smartphone app which provides wireless connectivity for real-time condition checks of the batteries. In addition, JCB Access has developed a battery management system that works in conjunction with the motor controller to allow operators to monitor each cell in the battery pack, adjusting the load to optimise performance.
A Dutch access machinery hire company, Hoogwerkt has placed an order for 420 of the new Lithium ion scissor lifts as it sets up a new ‘green’ rental business, incorporating a web-based ordering system and hourly hire periods.

01889 590312              


Manoeuvrability from Manitou

The Manitou 80VJR vertical mast platform is suitable for use in construction and industrial environments, and its compact chassis allows considerable manoeuvrability in confined areas.
The controls have been developed for smooth and accurate operation even in tight spaces, indoors and outdoors. With 355° turret rotation, the machine offers enhanced operational flexibility and an increased working envelope. The machine weighs 2,250kg and is light and compact enough to fit into a goods lift.
The mast is designed with telescopic boom sections and without chains, with the majority of lifting elements being located inside the mast for maximum protection. The machine offers a working height of 7.70m and with the jib arm (+/-70°) it provides operators with a horizontal working outreach of up to 3.25m.
The basket can accommodate two operators for a maximum load capacity of 200kg.  It has a mesh floor and double guardrails, and is fitted with Manitou’s safe man (secondary guarding) system. The machine is fitted with a self-seeking battery charger and, to assist fault finding, there is an on-board diagnostics function.

01202 825331              


Boss Pod from WernerCo

WernerCo’s Boss Pod is a compact, heavy-duty podium for low-level access applications. Designed for one-man handling, it has no removable parts and folds flat for storage. Pivoting stabilisers are incorporated to facilitate usage close to walls and in corners, and the unit has ‘anti-surf’ characteristics.
The Pod conforms to the BS8620 standard and has an integrated ladder, with a toe board available as an option. The unit is available with platform heights of 0.95m, 1.13m or 1.45m. WernerCo says the product takes up less space than standard podiums in storage and transportation.

01621 745900              


More Pop Ups added

Pop Up Products offers a wide range of low-level access products. Its original single-user MI Tower is now complemented by the MI Tower+ (both pictured), which has a larger work platform to accommodate up to two people. The newest addition, the MI Tower Stairs, uses the same concept but offers additional flexibility for working on staircases.
Also new is the Pro IQ, a push-around low-level access lift which has an on-board safety control unit. It also incorporates a descent beacon and anti-surf automatic braking.
Pop Up Products also offers the Rol Guard, a platform ladder as an alternative to podiums. It is designed to offer low weight, all-round guard rail protection and an extra-large working platform, and is compliant with EN131 Part 7.

01244 833933              


Lyte up to standard

The Lytepod from Lyte Ladders & Towers has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the BS 8620 standard. Versions are available with platform heights of 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m and self-closing saloon-style gates are incorporated for ease of access and egress.
The product has only two removable parts, namely the platform deck and the access ladder, to avoid the risk of components being lost on site.
The Lytepod has non-removable stabilisers, with toeboards available as an option.

01792 796666             


One 2 from Euro Towers

Complementing its Euro One Tower designed for one person to assemble and use, Euro Towers recently introduced the Euro One 2 version, which can accommodate two people but still only requires a single operative to erect.
The platform measures 1.5m by 0.7m and the Euro One 2 offers platform heights of 1.1m, 2.1m, 3.1m, 4.1m, 5.1m and 6.1m. The base unit forms a trolley for fast storage and transportation, and the product can fit through a standard doorway.

01604 644774              


CLM moves UP 

The compact UP Lift 5 and UP Lift 5 Mini from CLM Construction Supplies are designed as replacement for ladders in the workplace. They can be manoeuvred easily by one person, offer a maximum working height of 5m meters and come with four separate, easy-to-carry ballast weights of 15kg each. When the lift is activated, all four torsion wheels will lock into place, removing the need for someone to hold the machine at the bottom.
The UP Lift 5 has self-closing metal doors and a gas spring lifting system to reduce energy consumption. The platform on the UP Lift 5 Mini measures 570mm by 570mm to allow access through the space for a 600mm by 600mm suspending ceiling tile.
Both models have external dimensions of 68cm by 110cm by 190cm, and are powered by a 12V 33Ah gel battery. Their maximum load capacity is 120kg and the entry step is only 25cm off the ground for extra safety.

0844 800 1750             


Dual platform models from AHS

The Airo range of low-level, push-around mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) available from Aerial and Handling Services, offer working heights from 3m-5.3m, and a newly launched ‘dual platform’ can now be fitted on all models.
The company says that the integrated retractable platform design allows the user to instantly re-configure the handrails into a ‘micro cage’, small enough to provide access to confined work spaces, such as suspended ceilings. AHS describes this feature as a global first. The machines have a galvanised finish and can also be fitted with a pipe rack.

01273 494952              


Lakeside’s compliant Podium

Lakeside Industries, which supplies the Alto range of non-mechanical access products, offers the Alto Podium, which has been re-engineered and certified to the recently introduced BS 8620 standard.
The unit has permanently attached, multi-position stabilisers with pre-set deployment locations, and similarly the bracing with spring pin locking cannot be detached. No wheels are in contact with the ground when deployed, to avoid ‘surfing’, and all components stow in dedicated storage locations when not in use. An optional aluminium platform can be provided for fire risk applications, and all combinations fit though a standard door, either folded or open.
The design avoids having horizontal bars on the side protection, which operatives might otherwise stand on.

01527 500577              


Power Towers launches lightweight lift

Power Towers has introduced a smaller version of its Pecolift non-powered platform. The Pecolift 1.2 offers a maximum working height of 3.2m rather than 3.5m, but weighs in at only 117kg, and has the same payload capacity of 150kg. The unit is also slightly shorter, with a footprint of 965mm by 730mm.
The platform is raised by turning a rotary handle inside the cage, and maximum height is reached within 11 seconds. 

0116 200 1757             


Productive Genies from Workplatform

As an approved Genie dealer, Workplatform Ltd offers the complete Genie Aerial Work Platform (AWP) range. Models are designed so that one person can set them up and get to work within minutes, and their light weight and compact size make them convenient to use in schools, churches, warehouses and other locations. They can also be used for interior work on large construction sites, like high rises, as well as being suitable for light-duty construction purposes, states the company. 
The lightweight construction of Genie’s AWP, IWP, and Runabout series models makes them easy to manoeuvre, use and transport for increased productivity, and each unit offers a variety of options and accessories. Workplatform can also offer advice on the most appropriate access equipment for a particular task.

01332 896955              


Protec products from Planet

Planet Platforms’ Protec Podium range comprises models made from fibreglass that is non-conductive (up to 100 kilovolts per foot) and certified to BS8620, with a compact footprint.
Available with three platform heights of 950mm, 1250mm and 1500mm, the highly visible colour of the products makes them stand out in a busy work environment. Other characteristics include a captive ladder, locking gate and in-line castors A non-slip platform deck and treads are incorporated, along with anti-slip feet, and the Podiums are designed to be chemical, weather and spark resistant for use in most environments.

0800 0854 161            


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