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July 2009
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Executive Hire News › Archives › July 2009 › Market Report : Latest products

Market Report : Latest products

DeWalt offers accuracy

DeWalt’s D24000 slide table wet tile saw, details of which arrived too late for last month’s Sawing & Cutting Market Report, has been developed to cut tiles of many different materials and sizes. The rail system is designed to enable cuts to be made of up to 450mm, accurate to 0.8mm, and the stainless steel guide rails have tuning screws for precise vertical and horizontal adjustment. An indicator on the table facilitates lining up of cuts from blade to fence.
The saw has a built in water pump which directs water through dual nozzles. The spray can be adjusted directly onto the point of cut, limiting mist and dust emissions. Detachable side and rear trays capture the water and direct it back into the base pan of the machine to be
Cantilevering rails allow the carriage extra travel for increased capacity, enabling tiles of up to 610mm to be rip cut and 450mm on a mitre. Depth of cut is 95mm, allowing building materials to be cut such as granite, slate, limestone, marble and paving slabs. The head can be bevelled and locked on at any angle between 0-45°, and in addition the saw has a plunge facility.

01753 500572

Hilti powers ahead

New cordless tool launches in the 18V class from Hilti include the SFH 22-A hammer drill/driver and the SF 22-A drill/driver. Both offer a choice of three speeds up to 2,200rpm, and they provide a maximum screwdriving torque for work with soft or hard materials of 50 and 80Nm. For particular applications, the torque can be set at up to 12Nm in 15 increments.
The tools benefit from Hilti’s second-generation CPC (Cordless Power Care) Lithium-ion battery technology, whereby each cell is monitored individually by an electronic system to protect against the effects of deep discharge, overcharging or overheating. This is said to increase the total number of charging cycles, extend battery life and to ensure consistent performance. An LED display shows the amount of energy remaining in the battery pack.
Also new are the manufacturer’s HUS-H screw anchors for fastening base plates for balustrades, handrails and the like. They are also designed to take up high loads even when set closely spaced or close to edges, owing to the chiselling effect of the cutting edges. Hilti says these anchors can offer up to 50% faster installation in repetitive fastening applications. The company also recently launched its TE 1000 10kg breaker, which was reviewed in our May issue.

0800 886 100

Bosch promotes low vibration

The 5kg-class GSH 5 CE Professional demolition hammer from Bosch is designed for significantly low HAV levels. The tool’s hammer mechanism is configured so that vibration is absorbed at the point of impact by an air cushion. Additional dampening elements are incorporated in the upper assembly and at the bearing shaft, and the machine has a quoted tri-axial vibration rating of 8m/s2.
The tool provides 13 joules of single impact energy and power comes from a 1,150watt motor. Bosch’s 12-stage Vario-Lock system facilitates chiselling work and similar tasks in hard to reach areas or when working overhead, and an electronic system keeps the impact rate constant under varying load. A service light illuminates when the carbon brushes need replacing.

0844 736 0107

Marcrist’s diamond opportunity

Marcrist International believes that its new wet diamond core drills and related machinery represent a valuable revenue opportunity for hirers, as they can reduce HAV and improve work efficiency. Each year, according to the HSE, approximately 3,000 new claims for Industrial Injury Disablement Benefit are made in relation to vibration white finger and vibration-related carpal tunnel syndrome.
Marcrist’s International Sales and Marketing Director, Mario Halbeisen, says that many employers are looking for appropriate low-vibration solutions that can give faster drilling. “The market for diamond drilling products in the UK has now grown to £140m. We responded to this opportunity be developing a complete diamond solution for the hire market. Our new range now has three professional diamond drills, with stands, and we include five years’ service and repair when redeeming Marcrist service vouchers supplied free with our diamond cores.
“We priced our DDM3 compact kit at £848 to enable hire shops to enter this sizeable market for a relatively low investment. Tests have shown that our new diamond core drills take only six minutes to create a perfect hole with minimal noise and no dust, and with no making good being required afterwards, compared with just 52 minutes for a hammer and chisel.”
Overall, the new range comprises three drilling kits - Compact, Midi and Maxi, along with a choice of 26 different sizes of cores. The Compact comes with a lightweight DS150 drill stand, whilst the Midi has a DS250 stand with a wheeled base and a bolt down foot. Both the Midi and Maxi are supplied with a DDM3 drill and are capable of drilling up to 152mm holes in concrete and 200mm holes in brick. Fitted with a DDM4 drill, the Maxi is can drill holes of up to 250mm in concrete and 350mm in brick.

01302 890888

New drills from DURO

DURO has launched a new range of SDS Plus and SDS MAX drill bits and specialist chisels. The drill bits line-up incorporates carbide tips and flute technology, while the chisels have been developed to offer application-specific solutions, such as versions for lifting tiles and plaster, mortar raking chisels that can gain access behind down pipes and into corners, brick removers, creating cable channels and cavities for electrical back boxes, and a multi-purpose SDS comb holder that can be fitted with interchangeable heads.
The range includes a selection of hollow mortar raking cores which, when used in conjunction with a dedicated adaptor, are designed to provide virtually dust-free mortar removal. In addition, the SDS Plus mortar-raking chisel can significantly reduce the levels of dust created, removing material in chunks rather than creating smaller particles.

01909 552470

Oswald Record’s compact performer

Oswald Record is the sole UK importer of the compact Sullair Pac 80 Evolution power pack and breaker system, which it says is becoming increasingly popular with hire companies because it enables customers to undertake tasks with hand-held equipment featuring low vibration levels.
The small 95kg air compressor is powered by a 6.5hp Honda petrol engine and delivers 1.5 bar output, as against systems operating with 6 or 7 bar, therefore minimising the potential risk posed by split or ruptured hoses. The system also does away with the problem of oil contamination that can be associated with hydraulic breakers. Tools available include the MX22 paving breaker, the SX10 demolition tool and the SX5 chipping hammer, and the compressor can be transported in the back of a car.

01246 451057

HAE tackles HAV

HAE has been appointed as the main UK distributor of two new HAV management systems, developed by PDS Aros. The ToTm product comprises an operator specific data capture ‘wristwatch’, a tool-mounted sensor that measures vibration levels generated, and a management information system.
Details of exposure are received and recorded wirelessly, and at the end of the day a worker’s daily dosage can be determined, even when they have been using several tools during a shift. Both the ToTm and the sensor incorporate ‘traffic light’ indicators that show when exposure limit values are reached.
Also available is the I-BOOT, which is described as a budget HAV management system that is operator specific, follows the traffic light system and utilises tool vibration ratings that are available on a variety of databases.

0121 380 4601

SPE reports disc success

SPE reports significant sales of its polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cup discs following their launch last year, for the rapid removal of many types of materials. Various grades are available, including the 6483 disc for work with heavy adhesive, failed latex, levelling compounds, thick coatings and rubber deposits, and the 6482 disc for the removal of thin coatings and adhesive residue.
Both cup discs have a replaceable grinding ring fitted with six polycrystalline diamond segments. The main cup disc is designed to work with a turbine action to quickly remove debris from the work surface, and the products are claimed to achieve faster results than conventional diamond cup discs. SPE says that, when used in tandem with one of its dust cowls and a vacuum, work can be undertaken virtually dust-free.

01673 860709

Milwaukee’s heavy-duty hammer

Milwaukee’s Kango 750S heavy-duty 7kg class hammer incorporates a counterbalance system to address HAV at source, resulting in a quoted tri-axial vibration measurement of 9.5m/s2. An oversized ram weighing 200g delivers 16 joules of impact energy, and power is provided by a 1550watt motor.
A safety clutch is fitted to protect both the operator and the machine if the tool should jam, and a soft hammer mode reduces the blow energy when undertaking chiselling tasks on vulnerable materials. Soft grips are incorporated on the front and back handles. The manufacturer has developed web-based guidance at www.milwaukeetoolvibration.com, designed to help operators monitor their daily HAV exposure using an on-line calculator.

01628 894400

Latest Metabo cordless line-up

Metabo’s new line-up of cordless products comprises no fewer than 18 tools in three different classes, all of which are designed to withstand the rigours of construction industry use. The L-Class, LT-Class and LTX-Class series can provide up to 100Nm of torque, offering increased power and reliability. The range includes combi drills, a drill/driver, SDS hammer, reciprocating saw, circular saw, impact wrench and a halogen lamp, amongst other tools.
The 14.4 and 18V Lithium-ion batteries used incorporate single-cell protection that is designed to protect both the machine and the battery from discharging or overloading. Some of the tools also feature an Impuls button that provides a short boost of extra power for tasks such as finishing off difficult screws and starting holes in polished surfaces.

023 8073 2000


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